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pipe,magnet,gif,gif animation, animated pictures
Comments 419.04.201717:28link8.2
lel, genius,

Hope it can resist vibrations and preassure.
granitex granitex 19.04.201717:32 response link 1.8
It's for air, like clothing dryer,
I don't think so it can hold more than that, or even liquids,
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 19.04.201720:04 response link 1.8
ah right, looked at this so fast and i thought it's washing machine.

From other way... it's possible for water. (but only with strong magnets and flexible+strong pipes)
granitex granitex 19.04.201723:15 response link 1.8
It won't last :\
Magnets can't take extreme temperature, cold or hot. Maybe lukewarm water.
But for ventaltion it is great :)
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi 20.04.201718:19 response link 4.3
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