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Comments 921.05.201714:17link8.6
The world needs this.
waker waker 21.05.201718:49 response link 1.5
This is slot car racing its been around forever and no one liked it when all you had to do was press a button to make the care go do you really think people going to jump on this if you have to pedal a bike to make it work.... HA!
RedRaven RedRaven 22.05.201700:11 response link -1.8
The comment you have has a negative 1.8, biatch.
waker waker 22.05.201701:46 response link -0.6
Oh I'm so worried about negatives.... such a child
RedRaven RedRaven 22.05.201704:24 response link 0.0
SOMEONE was giving dislikes on ALL my posts. And You're a suspect.
waker waker 23.05.201701:58 response link -1.5
Care about likes do we?
RedRaven RedRaven 23.05.201702:33 response link 0.0
It got rid of a star and put me back in the sandbox.
waker waker 23.05.201703:29 response link -1.5
Aww poor thing...
RedRaven RedRaven 23.05.201703:31 response link 0.0
Well, they were popular enough to get spread around, weren't they? Granted, they didn't stay popular toys very long, however this version has something the push-button one lacked; genuine competition.
Just as you say, when all you need to do is push a button... what's the point? What does that prove? Nothing. it got old fast as soon as kids understood that.
This version, you can actually affect the outcome, and beating your friends means something.
Hinoron Hinoron 23.05.201708:48 response link 0.0
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