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ooo Verizon4:09 PM<TweetS! % 49%YNick Stephens@nlckstephenss/Dodged a bullet with the California rollTweet your replyfirQa0,twitter,post,sushi,food,meal,receipt
••ooo Verizon 4:09 PM < Tweet S! % 49% Y Nick Stephens @nlckstephens s/ Dodged a bullet with the California roll Tweet your reply fir Q a 0
Comments 204.09.201720:57link4.4
If people are so picky they should avoid the sicilian's "lattume". ;)
Stalker Stalker 04.09.201723:29 response link 0.0
while that's probably short for "cucumber", the receipt is still hilarious!
Hinoron Hinoron 05.09.201707:06 response link 0.0
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