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self follow suitcase gif 
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Comments 511.12.201719:26link5.6
oh definitly need one for traveling
moo_roar moo_roar11.12.201721:52responselink 0.0
but if it lands in the wrong plane, does it still work?
i'm imagine it traveling through the sea and the desert until it stand in front of your home.
Thirteen90 Thirteen9011.12.201723:35responselink 0.0
Its already being banned by airlines. Because its the same concept as that hover device.. airlines don't want to allow battery operated luggage on plane.
fazhar fazhar12.12.201707:02responselink 0.9
Once they make it look and behave like a droid from Star Wars it will be cool, for now it's better to use a regular suitcase to have more room for stuff.
Toreador Toreador12.12.201710:15responselink 0.0
dehill dehill13.12.201703:04responselink 0.0
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