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cartoon life of brian monty python Star Wars fandoms poster 
minister  ostpzeca re kwejk.plkwejk.pi,cartoon,life of brian,monty python,Star Wars,fandoms,poster
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cartoon,life of brian,monty python,Star Wars,fandoms,poster
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moo_roar moo_roar 20.04.201920:02 response link 0.0
Tagged by someone who doesn't know their Monty Python movies very well, obviously. :(
Hinoron Hinoron 22.04.201918:04 response link 0.0
You know, I got an email notification of a response to the above comment from alcortje, but it's not appearing here on the actual page. odd.
Hinoron Hinoron 27.04.201920:40 response link 0.0
I had a power flicker here and my UPS wasn't fast enough. So I'm not sure the message went through.
alcortje alcortje 28.04.201919:25 response link 0.0
Maybe he deleted it for some reason
roachclip roachclip 28.04.201917:51 response link 0.0
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