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funny pictures grandpa johnny walmart action figure doll 
funny pictures,grandpa,johnny,walmart,action figure,doll

funny pictures,grandpa,johnny,walmart,action figure,doll
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What section is grandpa shopping in? 'Cuz I want to keep my kids out of that section when he is there.
roachclip roachclip06.12.201918:16responselink 2.1
That's a good question, because the rest of the store behind them looks like a regular Wal-mart or similar.
Hinoron Hinoron07.12.201900:40responselink 0.0
Sign to the left of grandpa's head is a Wal-Mart sales sign
alcortje alcortje07.12.201900:58responselink 0.0
Johnny: "Grandpa, how come that doll is my size instead of the size of a grownup?"
Grandpa: "Hang on, let me think...Well you see Johnny, the doll reminds me of your late grandma, who was kind of a smallish woman... at least for a few years there..."
Mother: "OKAY that's enough visiting with Grandpa! Possibly forever..."
Hinoron Hinoron14.12.201917:37responselink 0.0
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