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Alkonost - Songs of the White Lily

On October 5, 2016 Alkonost will present their 7th full-length album called "Songs of the white lily". Here are few words from the authors: Andrey "Elk" Losev, guitarist and the founder of Alkonost band: "This album has quite a new sound, although our usual way of combining harsh guitars with melodic vocals is still there. Vocal parts became more expressive and guitars sound much more raw. So the overall contrast between them is even more impressive than before. Choirs introduce some murmuring echoes and add more space to the sound. Drums create a ritualistic atmosphere of frantic dances around the fire that makes music sound more dynamic and captivating. We've tried to express all our emotions in every song!" Mare, the lyricist of the new Alkonost album: "An underlying theme of album's lyrics is a man facing a nature. The moment when you realize that we are not alone, that the whole world is our common home, where everything is alive and can communicate to you and answer you. All you need to do is just to reach out to it and try to feel the response. This is the world our ancestors were able to see and feel. World, where in the forest lives the wood goblin and the mermaid is in the lake. The world where you need to pay a tribute to the water spirit before sailing if you want it to be fortunate. This world punishes heavily those who oppose it in his pride, greed and lust for power. But at the same time it can give invaluable treasures of wisdom to those, who can listen to it and learn from it. All our heroes discover that one way or another (though it may be too late for some of them): the herbalist, walking across the meadow, the boatman, who learned from the river, the maiden, prefered the wooden spirit to the sons of men, the greedy merchant, refused paying tribute to the sea, the bard, happened to be a witness of a futility of human ambitions in the face of disaster. All of them, whether it's good or bad for them, encounter the force denying the human laws and are now had to learn how to live with that. Or to die, like our old friend, the warrior, who imagined that he can subdue the heart of a mermaid. All music by Andrey Losev except "Grief-Bird" by Rimma Bahteeva All lyrics by Mare Mirkie with some ideas from Max Shtanke Recorded by Skorb Studio, Uhov Studio, Andrey Losev, Ruslan Maslennikov MINDCRUSHER LABS STUDIO Mixed by Nikolay Kopachev Cover art by Darius Alas
metal,folk metal,doom metal,music,sandbox
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