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i 1 I I V / l>W y 1 ^^^yC _ A\A/*Uwait... |i ' Do you have protection?),comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,xkcd,bed,bedroom,couple,sex,fucking,coronavirus,protection,mask
i 1 У I I V • / l>W» y 1 ^^^»yCá _ A \A/*U wait... |—i ' Do you have protection?)
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,xkcd,bed,bedroom,couple,sex,fucking,coronavirus,protection,mask
Comments 209.05.202005:05link5.1
Well, I'm pretty sure that's not from XKCD, but I can't read the tiny address in the 2nd panel, and what I presume to be the artists' name/logo/watermark has been cut off the bottom of the image to deny them credit for their work. I can't approve of that. :(
Hinoron Hinoron10.05.202013:35responselink 0.0
I agree....artists should be given credit where credit is due. Why people crop stuff like that I don't understand. As for whether it is XKCD or not, I am positive it isn't. I had another sleepless night when I posted it and I lost my shit.

It does appear that this was originally a comic from Vectorbelly.com which became something of a meme. The web seems to have dozens of this theme with D&D cards, pictures of Jesus, and other assorted things.
alcortje alcortje10.05.202018:15responselink 0.0
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