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gif man newspaper car rain water Splash 
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I hate when this happens to me
moo_roar moo_roar24.07.202009:24responselink 0.0
You are mad at the car for... driving down the street. Think about that for a moment.
You apparently NOT mad at all at YOURSELF for walking down the sidewalk next to a huge puddle, without paying any attention to approaching traffic (because you were walking and reading a paper at the same time, and consider that sensible behavior).
I submit that you had way more time to notice the puddle than the driver doing 50kph did, also more options about where to move to avoid it than the drive might have had (if any).

Oh, and you're madder still at the 2nd car, for driving down the street, but not at yourself for CONTINUING to stand beside a giant puddle, despite having just been shown why that's not a bright idea mere seconds ago.
Hinoron Hinoron27.07.202005:21responselink 0.0
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