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demotivationalposterZ.comEXRfJftlNIIN SOVIET RUSSIATOILET SHITS ON YOU!!!!IN SOVIET RUSSIAbullets dodge you!Funny MotivationalPosters.infoIN SOVIET RUSSIAMotorcycle nde YOUdemotivationalposterZ.comIN SOVIET RUSSIAWaldo finds YOULIVE IN RUSSIAInstead of playing post-apocalyptic
Details In soviet russia EXRfJftlNI IN SOVIET RUSSIA TOILET SHITS ON YOU!!!! IN SOVIET RUSSIA bullets dodge you! Funny IN SOVIET RUSSIA Motorcycle nde YOU IN SOVIET RUSSIA Waldo finds YOU LIVE IN RUSSIA Instead of playing post-apocalyptic RPG's IN SOVIET RUSSIA Justin Bieber is still a faggot TN SOVIET RUSSIA.. Oh forget it, these jokes aren't funny anymore.
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Yes they are funny :p
StealthAssassin StealthAssassin 03.03.201315:30 response link 0.0
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