If Rocky and Bullwinkle had a baby / mashup :: moose :: squirrel :: animal :: geek :: art (beautiful pictures)

art geek animal squirrel moose mashup 

If Rocky and Bullwinkle had a baby

art,beautiful pictures,geek,animal,squirrel,moose,mashup

art,beautiful pictures,geek,animal,squirrel,moose,mashup
Comments 224.07.202021:47link4.8
Two problems there:
1) Both are men.
2) Rocky is a grey squirrel, not a red squirrel.
mooglefox mooglefox26.07.202016:20responselink 0.0
...THAT'S the unrealistic part of this to you? O_o
Hinoron Hinoron27.07.202005:14responselink 0.0
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