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What are the most important considerations when looking for a sex doll, and why?


Use Mild Soaps And Body Washes
If you’ve just used your doll and you want to enjoy a nice bath together, you can safely use mild, antibacterial soaps or body washes to make that bubbly effect and gently wash her or simply relax next to her in a warm, bubbly bath.

Both silicone and TPE materials don’t really require any out of the ordinary care when it comes to washing and the only two things you should remember while washing your sex doll is to be gentle and not tug on the skin as you can potentially damage it and also you need to make sure to thoroughly remove any bodily fluids off her as this may cause an unpleasant odor in the future.
Don’t Submerge Her Head Underwater
One important thing you need to remember whether you are washing your sex doll after having sex or even if you are just bonding with each other while enjoying a warm and relaxing bath is to not submerge her neck and head underwater.

By protecting her neck and head from soaking in water, you will keep her body dry and clean inside, and given that some sex dolls come equipped with an added heating system, submerging her head underwater can potentially damage the circuit.
Additionally, you need to protect her eyes, because the eyes are one of the most delicate features of a sex doll and the water can easily go inside the eyes and mess with your doll from the inside.

Gently Clean Her Face
If you want to clean her face while in the bath, you may very well do this safely by using a soft, non-abrasive loofah or a soft sponge dampened in warm water.

This isn’t a tricky part as the only thing you should pay attention to is not using fast and forceful, scrubbing moves as this can potentially cause skin damage and even tearing. Always be gentle with your doll.
Clean Her Orifices Carefully
If you had sex with your doll and now want to relax in a warm bath together, you should also use this time to clean her orifices carefully and prevent body fluids from remaining on her skin and potentially harboring bacteria and bad smell in the future.

This is not a complicated thing to do and if your doll has removable orifices you can carefully detach them and rinse them out with a mild, antibacterial soap.

On the other hand, if your doll’s orifices are built-in and can’t be removed, you should surely have a few extra items that can make the cleaning process easier for you.

Some of these are:
Vaginal irrigator – also known as douche or enema, this tool is often used as a preparation for anal sex but it is also an excellent tool to help you clean your sex doll. Using it is as simple as it gets and all you have to do is fill it up with a little bit of antibacterial soap and warm water and spray away.
Squirt bottle – similar to the vaginal irrigator, a squirt bottle is one of the most efficient and cheapest means of cleaning your doll’s orifices. It works totally the same as the vaginal irrigator and you can even make a DIY version and use it with a little bit of antibacterial soap and water.
Sponge on a stick – this is also something you can get creative with and make yourself a DIY version of it or you can go online and purchase one of these posh loofah sticks to safely clean your sex doll from the inside out.
Gently Pat Your Doll Dry After Taking a Bath With Her
Once you’re ready from the bath, don’t forget to gently pat your doll dry after taking her out of the water. Take your time and don’t rush this process as you want to make sure that no area of her body is left wet.
Additionally, supporting your sex doll with your hands while patting her dry is a little difficult, and propping her against the wall may be a risk as she may easily slip if she’s wet, fall, and get damaged.

You want to lay her down on the bathroom floor with a towel underneath her as to avoid scratching and damaging her skin and gently go over her with a dry cloth.

Don’t Forget To Powder Her, Too
Moreover, once you’ve patted her dry and she is still laying on the towel, you can also take this time to powder her body with a little bit of baby powder to make sure there isn’t any dampness left and also protect the material from becoming sticky.

Store Your Doll Somewhere Safe
Once you’re done and your companion is all nice and clean for the night, you can then store her in a dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight or being too close to the heating, and also away from freezing cold conditions such as the basement or the pantry, etc.
Your doll will be safest if stored in an adequate storage box, hanging inside the wardrobe, her original shipping box, or wrapped in a storage bag.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Or Bathing With Your Doll
As you already noticed from the tips mentioned above, bathing with your sex doll as well as cleaning her doesn’t require any out of the ordinary practice. It just needs a little bit of extra care and attention.

However, besides that, there are several things you absolutely shouldn’t do when cleaning or having a bath with your doll. Here are some of them:

Avoid using sharp objects or overly abrasive loofahs while cleaning or bathing with your doll as this may lead to puncturing and damaging her skin.
Do not apply too much pressure to your doll’s skin when cleaning her, bathing with her, or patting her dry as this can potentially lead to damages or tearings.
Don’t use a blow dryer to dry your doll as this will almost certainly cause some damage to her skin. Yes, these things have been done by some people, so our advice is don’t be lazy, pat her dry instead.https://www.jpdolls.com/goods/p452.html
Avoid using oils with your sex doll as oils can contribute to the degradation of both silicone and TPE materials.

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