Hey Sarah, how are you doing?;...Your boyfriend?'I"Yeah. I remember him.are going out for / funny pictures :: arsehole

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Hey Sarah, how are you doing?;...Your boyfriend?'I"Yeah. I remember him.are going out for dinner.''\"Yep! You know Jason from school? We started going out a few days ago He's a really funny guy to be around!"j"It was really nice when we got together. I took my little sister to the park and he was
Hey Sarah, how are you doing?”; ...Your boyfriend?' I "Yeah. I remember him. are going out for dinner.'' \ "Yep! You know Jason from school? We started going out a few days ago He's a really funny guy to be around!" j "It was really nice when we got together. I took my little sister to the park and he was sitting on one of the benches, looking lonely. I was kind of down, too, so I went over to talk to him. We just sort of clicked* "You were unhappy?" I "You could've talked to me about it. if you wanted. I'm always here to listen." "Sarah. I might as well say this now: I love you. I sit up at night, wishing we were together, because I care about you so much. I v/ant to hold you when you're upset and I want us to share the rest of our lives together, because when I'm with you, it feels like everything will be okay.l've always been here for you, Sarah, but it feels like you never take any notice of me. instead opting to go out with these douchebags who never listen to you and just betray your trust. I've been right in front of you, and I just wish you'd give me a chance to make you happy. Yeah. I guess "I know, and thanks. That means a lot." 1 ’Yeah. That's right. You always were. Back then, and to this very day, you were there for me. Always at your computer, ready to provide a virtual hug and a virtual smile with your lovely B grade English. You sit. watch and wait as I apparently inflict these countless dickheaded guys on myself, all the wh|le expecting me to turn around after the last guy and say "John, it s you I should have fallen in love with all along!". After which, we get together and I hold your hand through all of the movie theaters and sunny beaches and sleepovers that you never got to experience like the rest of us at fourteen years of age, because you still don’t have the gumption to do now what you didn't have the gumption to do then. You're dull. John. You're boring, and you re boring because while these shitheads were getting outside and into the sun, making mistakes and experiencing the wonders of youth, you were in your room learning about every facet of your favourite RPG, pretending to understand arguments about religion and politics to appear smart and creating dreadful, dreadful heartbroken poetry, trying to convince yourself that knowledge is better than wisdom. It isn't. John, and the only reason I would go out.with anybody who spent so much time learning about ancient conflicts that don t matter anymore is if they were confident and cheerful, or if they were great in bed things that I suspect you know nothing about. These guys know that we girls need excitement, variation, cuddles, arguments and not to just trundle alonq for the rest of our lives with some submissive coward telling us that we’re great, because having to listen to the same soppy sweet talk over and over again is boring. I like it when I f.ght with my boyfriends. It shows tha they aren’t afraid to voice their true opinions about me, unlike a guy a who tells me I'm interesting and cute when he really thinks I'm neurotic and not intelligent enough to pick up on his true intention of having sex with me when he wants and then trying to have deep, meaningful conversations with me to maintain the fictitious image he has of his sensitive, caring side. Girls want to be with arseholes because they are savage and uncivilized, and in many cases this means that they are impulsive, full of energy and strong, as opposed to pale skinned, calculating, "intellectual" men who. when push comes to shove wouldn't know excitement if it hit them in the face. I'd go so far as to say that your rejection - or lack - of your male instincts will stem population growth, as more and more shy guys try to become intelligent by studying a wide range of information that is largely supplied and accepted by previous social inadequates. instead of following their primal instincts of becoming grown men. impregnating women and thus contributing to the continuation of the human race. I'm sorry if I consider the future of our species to be more important than your pathetic lust for a pure, innocent virgin, but quite frankly, the only thing that your introversion says to me is that you are trying to appear timid, shy and misunderstood, when in reality, your reluctance to take some control over your life and your tendency to whine and feign depression when things don t go your way makes me think of you as nothing more than a selfish, cowardly prick." / Yes I always was there for you. Looks like that was a bad judgment on my part given the incompassionate. bitchy response you justTolled ou. Let’s pick apart a few things, shall we? I spend tots 1 of time• lampiv while I'm havinq real adventures and experiences. I donit have to fil?everv day with trivial Httle 'excitements' like hanging around in parks askfnq qirls out because my normal life is satisfying. I dont confuse . making stupid decisions for the sake of them for Enjoying you#> ™afs simply called being stupid. I don't pretend to try and un^ers^ . arouments about religion and politics. I am genuinely inter®sted 9 to truly understand the world in which I live - because i you reahsed anvthinn about the future of the human race youd know that it isnt that thp\tronaest that survive, but those that best adapt to their changing environment And of course I don't know everything, but at af*^V1"9' unlike vou If you weren't such a vapid dullard you would see the obviotfs ^resen°value in historical happenings ■ buU know you only dismiss these things because you ^ntunde^®"d^,|nny°Ucoward^' I nipac:p don't mistake my delicacy with you as being a Soppy oowara, was just trying to give you the respect you always complained aoout never getting from anyone else. And hell, how do you know if Imiany aood in bed or not you’re just being presumptuous. ™ough n youl Is to op to all these personal insults you can bet weUI have plenty of the arauments you desire so much. And ragging on my poetry, what kind offrieKeyou? In 10 years when you're spitting out your-3rd kid to <^nmp troll-like beer swillinq jerk-off you'll wish that he was inspired by vouTnSuqh to create something more than an alcohol-softened boner as he rubs himself against you while you try to pretend you re But hev. that's apparently what you want - savage and unclvl*lz®d;21?,w exactlv is it that uncivilized people build the civilization you aPPar®"*’y care about furthering, by the way? And c'mon. higher knowledge has^ afcor^ from'social inadequates' that's just a line you like you like to say to deflect from your insecurities about your completely av®ra9® intelliaence. You like to imagine that your ability to have a conversatiion ^nd/or initiate sex is somehow as valuable a trait though deep down you fear vour temaie body is the only trump card you have - and its value fades bv the year. As I get older, smarter and richer because Idldr]t waste all my effort and money trying to please people like yoiu, /oullI loo at mv beautiful cultured life and wonder just what it is you .d|dn* see back then. And 111 look back at you. with your cheao clothes and too much makeup in a vain attempt to rememDer tn onlv time you were ever really wanted, and wonder what was wrong with me to put so much value on someone so common and ^'^anble-I’ve never tried to appear shy or misunderstood, you re mistaking so^one you cant fathom for as being as superficial andI vacuous; as vourself. I actually am shv and misunderstood, as vou can now see.  n  1 Oh. and my English is A grade, bitch  Â
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