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morrowintermorrowinter13.11.202013:54responselink 0.0
That... is not the body of someone who eats a tall stack of waffles in the morning. Not even close...
HinoronHinoron13.11.202019:36responselink 0.0
Well maybe if she ran ultramarathons it could be.
alcortjealcortje14.11.202017:15responselink 0.0
Actually they're finding these days that excessive sugar consumption has a lot greater impact on body fat retention than exercise (which is not to say you shouldn't exercise; just that it won't be enough on its own, without intelligent dieting).
Particularly in the USA, where high-fructose-corn-syrup has been injected into just about every food product imaginable, and some that you probably wouldn't have (ketchup, deli meat, bread, etc).
HinoronHinoron15.11.202000:12responselink 0.0
She ate the strawberry not the waffles, she is serving them to you. That makes her a healthy woman :-)
moo_roarmoo_roar14.11.202017:32responselink 0.0
What waffles?
jasonbournejasonbourne15.11.202008:15responselink 0.0
MobServerMobServer14.11.202018:45responselink 0.0
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