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Wednesday $ 450,99Thursday $ 450,99Black Friday $ 699/99 $ 450,99,hold,black friday,picture,funny picture,gibson,braveheart
Wednesday $ 450,99 Thursday $ 450,99 Black Friday $ 699/99 $ 450,99
hold,black friday,picture,funny picture,gibson,braveheart
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Lmfao hard AF yooooooo, I would tell people about this shit and no one would believe me. I even seen it in person at my very first job. My manager was cool but man that guy would do some snake shit for cash. He colored a cabinet with a brown marker since it had a small chip, THE CUSTOMERS BOUGHT IT. He came back in laughing and my young ass was like o_______O
moo_roar moo_roar05.12.202017:18responselink -0.3
BTDT....had a salesasshole fill in scratches with peanut butter as they were loading stuff on the truck.
alcortje alcortje05.12.202022:42responselink 0.0
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