The difference between a needle and a bee's sting / funny picture :: picture :: funny :: sting :: bee :: needle

needle bee sting funny picture funny picture 

The difference between a needle and a bee's sting

needle,bee,sting,funny,picture,funny picture

needle,bee,sting,funny,picture,funny picture
Comments 407.12.202021:16link4.7
still i would prefer the bee sting im terrified of needles
Bastin Bastin08.12.202012:55responselink 0.0
One of those two is venomous... and it isn't the one the doctor is trying to give you.
Hinoron Hinoron08.12.202019:30responselink 0.0
doesnt change my choice i blame the surgery i had as a baby that left me with my fear of needles
Bastin Bastin09.12.202011:13responselink 0.0
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