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/,girl,woman,boobs,tits, boobies, breasts,joke,funny,picture,funny picture
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girl,woman,boobs,tits, boobies, breasts,joke,funny,picture,funny picture
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Her legs spread fast for bears....? I wonder how she'll spread after a couple of beers?
alcortje alcortje16.01.202121:09responselink 0.1
Only four bears? I wouldn't spread my legs unless there were at least six or seven bears...
rwalker151 rwalker15117.01.202100:20responselink 1.2
Yogi bear left hand, Winnie The pooh bear right hand, and I'll wear a You can prevent forest fires shirt. Also while wearing a Chicago Bears jacket, she would bust it wide and free those fake bitties!!
moo_roar moo_roar17.01.202100:32responselink 0.0
I imagine after 4 bears have each given her a turn, those legs won't be able to close for a while. (Also we might want to call her an ambulance).
Hinoron Hinoron17.01.202100:37responselink 0.0
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