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Money cant buy you happiness',funny pictures,food,meal,Simpsons,tv shows,money,soda,hamburger,Homer Simpson
Money can’t buy you happiness'
funny pictures,food,meal,Simpsons,tv shows,money,soda,hamburger,Homer Simpson
Comments 206.02.202106:18link7.1
This idiom is very popular with poor people.
Never heard a rich person say it in my life.
Hinoron Hinoron 06.02.202106:35 response link 2.4
Just immagine a rich person say it on a social, it will be "mauled" by the comments.
I Still remember how peoples reacted to Robie William suicide: "Why? he is rich, what i should do then?", but yeah, rich suffer too sometime, even to the point to kill them self.
Stalker Stalker 08.02.202116:27 response link 0.0
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