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girl,redhead,sexy,erotic, nude, naked, hot,funny,picturre,funny picture

girl,redhead,sexy,erotic, nude, naked, hot,funny,picturre,funny picture
Comments 526.02.202117:52link9.1
Sexy, gibts von der Dame noch mehr zu sehen?
Werwolf Werwolf26.02.202118:01responselink 0.0
I am bothered by the knife. The sheath is on the left thigh and she is holding it in her right hand. Not too bad right? except the way she is holding it would need her to either pass it one hand to the other, flip it twice, or do the worlds most awkward reverse grip pull ever even IF the knife was holstered backwards.

Probably overreacting to an obvious photoshoot but bothered is bothered.
Shimonz Shimonz26.02.202120:02responselink 0.0
I was thinking the blade should face down so it won’t cut her little round booty
moo_roar moo_roar27.02.202103:57responselink 0.0
Yeah that bothered me too, but that is a stabbing grip. Most people default to stabbing grips and if her maintenance on the knife is as bad as the rest it won't cut her.
Shimonz Shimonz27.02.202121:53responselink 0.0
I'm getting mixed messages.
Hinoron Hinoron27.02.202121:19responselink 0.0
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