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...Or, calmly walk to either the left or right.
Hinoron Hinoron01.03.202103:02responselink 0.1
This is known as "Prometheus School of Running Away from Things".
Shimonz Shimonz01.03.202119:36responselink 0.0
What is that in reference to?
Hinoron Hinoron01.03.202122:53responselink 0.0
Originally? IDK but CinimaSins on youtube constantly strikes movies for this.
Shimonz Shimonz03.03.202103:44responselink 0.0
its from alien prometheus where the giant circular ship is rolling and two people are running away in a straight line and get smashed when they could've took a turn and survive
memetime memetime25.03.202106:27responselink 0.0
Standard day in Russia
BoobHunter69 BoobHunter6926.04.202121:35responselink 0.0
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