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military camouflage funny picture funny picture 

Military camouflage

military,camouflage,funny,picture,funny picture

military,camouflage,funny,picture,funny picture
Comments 920.03.202108:33link3.7
She looks really pretty with the green leaves on her while at a shooting range
moo_roar moo_roar 20.03.202117:15 response link 0.1
What woman? All I can see are guys with guns laying down in a big dirt field with a weird bush next to it...
rwalker151 rwalker151 20.03.202121:27 response link 1.8
Weird bush...? Maybe she just needs someone to help her trim the bush
alcortje alcortje 21.03.202120:33 response link 0.0
...And in a desert-like region, no less.
Hinoron Hinoron 20.03.202123:40 response link 1.2
Again bothered by the little details, they are crossing their first hand over their trigger hand to support their stock, just looks uncomfortable. As for the desert I am not sure about that with the trees on the hill in the background and the bush in the foreground. I think it is just turned earth to make it flat and clean out the vegitation.
Shimonz Shimonz 21.03.202122:18 response link 0.0
Looks more like Korean war vintage weapons technology. No magazine out the bottom but what appears to be a drum at the top.
alcortje alcortje 22.03.202103:41 response link 0.0
Looks like a side box mag to me, and just think they should be stabilizing with a hand on top of the stock instead. Also everything north Korean might as well be vintage at this point.
Shimonz Shimonz 22.03.202118:46 response link 0.0
Take a moment to consider if the idea that the North Korean military doesn't know what the @#$% they're doing is really a bad thing?
Hinoron Hinoron 25.03.202122:23 response link 0.0
As oppose to the dictatorship that constantly threatens the rest of the world and hates america in particular having a powerful military? Idk i would kinda like them to just keep being a meme rather than a threat.
Shimonz Shimonz 25.03.202123:21 response link 0.0
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