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funny pictures 
funny pictures

funny pictures
Comments 507.04.202117:55link1.8
Handing out dildos is fine, but what are the zip ties for?
ShimonzShimonz07.04.202118:31responselink 0.0
They should have given out fleshlights.
rwalker151rwalker15107.04.202121:10responselink 0.0
Hmm... they're all the same, and all of a reasonable size... are they molded after the guy handing them out?

Are they even being handed out, or turned in?

There's a story here, and I'm dying to hear it!
Hinoron Hinoron08.04.202103:53responselink 0.0
Poor areas have those thanksgiving day drives where they hand out free meals or free turkeys. This town has less men so.../
moo_roarmoo_roar08.04.202106:54responselink 0.0
Interesting... although there's actually more men than women in this picture. :P
Hinoron Hinoron09.04.202106:45responselink 0.0
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