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A fashion model in her forties

Good clothes and advanced taste are not achieved overnight. You can gradually develop good skills of matching clothes by imitating others and spending time and energy to learn how to wear clothes. And miscellaneous models often can bring a lot of clothing inspiration to the public, they are always filled with a sense of fashion and senior lasting appeal. The reason is that they know a few tricks to wear and learn their fashion secrets, so they can go a little easier on the road to beauty.


1, the color of the long coat is not monotonous

Of qiu dong wear build show a kind of drab feeling very easily actually, because everybody can have tendency to choose a few warmth preservation to have fashionable feeling sheet article again, coat is listed among them, and because too many people hold to basic color with take psychology seriously perhaps too much favour and depend on, and the modelling that lets them always is sameness, similar feeling is strong.

At this moment the color of the coat can not be too drab or too restrictive, always trapped in his black and white, doomed to wear you to rely on individual very outstanding temperament ability to stand out.

Like this pink coat, because the color is very soft, no brightness, no high saturation, wear it is actually very elegant, white women can enjoy trying.

The color of long coat never shows excessive limitation, this is because the public can use color in a thousand changes, but many people in the aesthetic aspect slant drab some, and cause their coat to wear always bump unlined upper garment. In fact, winter can try to be full of calm, but will not look old earth color clothing.

This dress and color, can bring a person a kind of generous charm. Of color join, destined to build internally and the requirement of skirt outfit is not tall, want color concise only, basically can cooperate steady.

It's true that popular colors can be very inclusive of one's ability to match colors. However, there is no fixed level of color matching, and you can create beautiful color combinations through trial and error or constant borrowing and imitation.

The blue coat that this long paragraph designs for example, it is not tall in the requirement of match color respect actually, want to become pure and fresh, want to build a reducing age effect, inside take and trousers outfit can adopt white, of this kind of relaxed colour join, cooperate with blue coat can say perfect.


2, the use of internal take don't be too complicated

Sufficient space is put apart when choosing coat to give the female, those who build inside choose not too complex, it is to point to the cooperation between build inside keep quantity as far as possible little, but administrative levels feels much such effect, depend on color next apply, had better not too much.

Take this white high-necked piece, for example, which is a classic example of a highly compatible interior. Coat clothing can be single color, also can be rich in color, will not affect the interpretation of the harmonious effect.

Build inside the existence feeling in qiu dong modelling is not met too tall, but also cannot ignore. Because it will maintain a certain amount of exposed area, if too much attention, it will be a bit of a distraction.

The choice of the interior build had better be a little simpler, as long as it can achieve the effect of keeping warm and keeping out cold to the neck. Black turtleneck sweaters are suitable for all ages, and they are not too demanding for body shape or skin tone. Can cooperate with suit already, present capable wear match, also can cooperate with long coat, let your natural and unrestrained edge all show.

In addition to the all-too-common black or white undersides, women over 40 can try a camel turtleneck sweater for elegance or simplicity.

Its neckline can be set in an elastic setting to show various heights, completely covering the chin to keep it warm and create a lazy feeling. If you want a crisp and neat neckline, you can mold it into a plain middle or high neckline pattern.


3, the choice of skirt is not too tight

From the dress of a lot of daily miscellaneous models, we can see that they are very fond of half skirt, and even in autumn and winter these two seasons do not forget to wear half skirt to play the part of beautiful.

However, the design of skirt has to pay attention to, because there are two differences in its silhouette, one is the outline of tight, wrapped around the buttocks, creating the display effect of the whole curve, the other is loose, wear no burden, no sense of bondage, easy to hide meat, but lack of full buttocks. But more recommend everybody chooses latter, because the skirt outfit of this kind of style pair of whole bodily form tolerate sex is high, skirt places fly, also have atmosphere feeling very much.

If the figure is not outstanding enough, we should be good at using the dress to firmly cover up or directly cover these shortcomings. The skirt, especially the loose skirt design, is a single product that relaxes the requirements of the lower body line of women.

It can foil an individual very elegant image, along with the addition of different colors, also can freely switch back and forth between the fresh style, composed temperament, beautiful elegant demeanour these characteristics.

The color of this dress will be a little lighter, although it is the category of earth color, but compared with brown, brown, it appears a lot more gentle.Read more at: plus size formal dresses

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