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I love cookies too

Cookie dough is the - sushi of desserts.to SGorpions.T^r*IpjMjftL V(* / il I > # IT | j L"f Vif K r r{ 0iwf Your sorriaiT5 thih(uiin fe fbflVaJ(jfKCLUB|L,art,beautiful pictures,geek,food,meal,cookie monster,cooking,philosophy
Cookie dough is the - sushi of desserts. to SGorpions.T^r * ¿¿I pjMjft ÎL V( * / il» I > # IT | É j L "ÉÉÉ f V if K ■ r r{ 0 i w f Your sîorriaèiÎT5 thih (uiin© fe fbfl VaJ (j£fKCLUB| L
art,beautiful pictures,geek,food,meal,cookie monster,cooking,philosophy
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