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Anyone for Soylent Green?

Quality meats made from people like yourNET WT16 OZ (I LB),funny picture,meat,people,advertising,fail,soylent green
“Quality meats made from people like your’ NET WT16 OZ (I LB)
funny picture,meat,people,advertising,fail,soylent green
Comments 406.11.202121:01link7.0
How were they even aloud to put that on packaging?
Shimonz Shimonz07.11.202100:40responselink 0.0
One part, it sounded better aloud then it read in text, and one part, the graphic designer who actually put this label together thought it was hilarious.
Hinoron Hinoron07.11.202108:02responselink 0.0
It's from obvious plant...
PseudoGrafx PseudoGrafx07.11.202116:21responselink 0.0
The guy on the photo pretty much looks like Lukashenko....
nerozero nerozero08.11.202110:19responselink 0.0
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