Yes. im russian. I'm from CUMchatka. i drive a CUMASS. walking on ASS FAULT, seating near CUMIN and / Russia :: countries :: funny pictures

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Yes. im russian. I'm from CUMchatka. i drive a CUMASS. walking on ASS FAULT, seating near CUMIN and drinking CUMPOT. and my name is SerGAY GAYORGYewitch,funny pictures,sandbox,Russia,countries
Yes. im russian. I'm from CUMchatka. i drive a CUMASS. walking on ASS FAULT, seating near CUMIN and drinking CUMPOT. and my name is SerGAY GAYORGYewitch
funny pictures,sandbox,Russia,countries
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Esteban Esteban29.01.202214:33responselink 1.6
My name is Dima, but my friends calls me DimASS.
GliZiSeD GliZiSeD29.01.202216:03responselink 1.7
Godfater of your child is your CUM
iggd iggd29.01.202217:15responselink 1.1
ес оф коз
faustoun faustoun29.01.202217:42responselink 0.3
English please
Doror0 Doror029.01.202221:12responselink 0.3
Es of coz
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson29.01.202221:33responselink 0.8
Doror0 Doror029.01.202221:47responselink 0.4
My brother call me BeneDICK
Resetnik Resetnik30.01.202200:33responselink 0.3
I like penis
GeRыч@ GeRыч@01.02.202201:17responselink 0.0
*angry Deemon noises*
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside29.01.202218:32responselink 0.3
My name is dead HotTabBich
Spagetron Spagetron 29.01.202221:10 response link 0.3
Oh shit, here we go again
darthilya darthilya29.01.202217:15responselink 0.5
Охлади траханье, дог!
iggd iggd29.01.202217:44responselink 0.7
The language is that of Mordor
DeusExMivina DeusExMivina29.01.202219:20responselink 0.7
fyutk fyutk29.01.202221:37responselink 0.2
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson29.01.202221:38responselink 0.5
GeRыч@ GeRыч@01.02.202201:17responselink 0.0
Smells like buthurt
DeusExMivina DeusExMivina29.01.202221:49responselink 0.1
Language of Fargusland
iggd iggd29.01.202221:58responselink 0.3
No, of OneC`yya
zovan zovan29.01.202222:04responselink 0.2
Nope, in translated from OneC`yya Sweets name Sugar, and the Big Smoke was a steam locomotive
iggd iggd29.01.202222:10responselink 0.2
Приколы для образованных даунов со знанием английского

(My apologies; it's merely a tag on .cc)
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside29.01.202217:51responselink 0.2
No, .com is not .cc, there is only English speakers
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson29.01.202218:25responselink 0.7
I mean, you can raid .cc with literally any comix in English, and use "Приколы для образованных даунов со знанием английского" phrase as a tag to tell:

* its a sassy joke
* its meant to be untranslated
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside29.01.202218:32responselink 0.5
I think tag 'jokes for downs with knowledge of the Russian language' would be better, cuz this you neet to know what is асфальт, камин,.компот and other, but everyone on .com knows English
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson29.01.202218:40responselink 0.5
hehe not anymore!
mr_bassist mr_bassist29.01.202221:30responselink -0.1
We don't want to capture .com and make it russian site, we want it to be more active
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson29.01.202221:35responselink 0.3
Serghey1900 Serghey190030.01.202200:27responselink 0.1
Lying faggot
Sigurd Haraldson Sigurd Haraldson30.01.202212:42responselink 0.0
Jokes for educated fools with the consciousness of a Russian
iggd iggd29.01.202219:34responselink 0.4
Jokes for fags from .cc
Sigurd Haraldson Sigurd Haraldson 30.01.202212:42 response link 0.1
It's pretty good to drink some pivASS sometimes too
unexpectedfuck unexpectedfuck29.01.202218:54responselink 0.5
and probably kvASS
Serghey1900 Serghey190030.01.202200:28responselink 0.2
Of course, my comrade! And to eat some THICK fried myASSo right from the LONG and HARD shampur.
unexpectedfuck unexpectedfuck31.01.202200:06responselink 0.0
I was born in the right time
ZachFake ZachFake29.01.202219:03responselink 0.1
I have CUM and CUMA
mubip mubip29.01.202219:28responselink 0.4
We don't have chandeliers. We have LUSTras
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside29.01.202220:12responselink 0.3
Swallow Semen Gayorgyevich
Ineveraskforthis Ineveraskforthis29.01.202220:52responselink 0.2
So awesome to cum on #Russia!
georgius1024 georgius102429.01.202222:18responselink 0.2
My name is Serghey and I hate this game
Serghey1900 Serghey190030.01.202200:10responselink 0.2
you are not alone. sASSha is a good Russian name too...
Silvatis Silvatis30.01.202202:08responselink 0.2
You`re not alone either, DimASS is also fine name
Core_of_doom Core_of_doom30.01.202202:45responselink 0.3
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside30.01.202210:17responselink 0.5
Well, "grey" is now short for "grey asexual" *keking intensifies*
NeonkaInside NeonkaInside30.01.202210:16responselink 0.1
Ruissians be like "no boys liking boys" but then name themselves like SirGay
Russians be like "no girls liking girls" but then name themselves like Yuri
Missklang Missklang30.01.202201:01responselink 0.2
Communist Party of the USSR- CUMmunistichechkaya partiya ASS ASS ASS Er
link to the gif
darth_vader\m/ darth_vader\m/30.01.202201:56responselink 0.8
Hello CUMrads
hansonn hansonn30.01.202202:25responselink 0.2
Hello my friend
npocto33 npocto3330.01.202221:16responselink 0.0
What Mongols said after Battle of Kulikovo?
-Fuckin ♂Slavs♂!
Hmmmm... Cumpot... Is it a pot after cum?
UHKBU3UTOP UHKBU3UTOP30.01.202203:58responselink 0.1
CUMpot is CUMpot!
Yenik Yenik30.01.202210:46responselink 0.0
vASSYiliy, SEMEN, SvyatASSLOVE, VyachASSLOVE, TarASS, GAYnadyj and VlaDICK love driving their CUMbajn and then walk to ASStanovka to wait their avtobASS to pASSelok to drink vodka in paDICK
Dimcore Dimcore30.01.202204:11responselink 0.2
Sweet russian Architecture
Brabbit Brabbit30.01.202211:47responselink 0.0
Комментарий №8
Kegeke Kegeke30.01.202212:22responselink 0.0
♂Slaves♂ are here!
Hrenovina Hrenovina30.01.202214:19responselink 0.3
now we can see many CUMEnds
ZooXooN ZooXooN30.01.202217:32responselink 0.0
gylmek2 gylmek230.01.202218:19responselink 0.0
And love swimming in Cume
FunnCor FunnCor31.01.202205:34responselink 0.0
But also...
tankpnz tankpnz31.01.202211:36responselink 0.5
In army, we do not have colonels, we have CUMBUTTS, who CUMmand our CUMrades
We do not have treasures, we have SUCKrovishe
To learn russian, you have to learn ASSbuka first, and write a lot of DICKtants
gimie6021 gimie602131.01.202219:08responselink 0.1
And many of them are slaves: Vladislave, Myroslave, Yaroslave
somebot somebot31.01.202223:05responselink 0.1
Good morning, slaves
Disfeelings Disfeelings01.02.202200:04responselink 0.0
Хуя мажор у камина
Tyekanik Tyekanik01.02.202200:49responselink 0.0
Серёга, что ж с тобой стало !
13Voron 13Voron01.02.202202:55responselink 0.0
#Прикольі для пидоров
Fun2mass Fun2mass01.02.202213:34responselink 0.0
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