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Comments 2730.01.202204:14link7.9
for blinov what you need
I dont like to eat, butt i like to cook.
Priyatnogo appetita.
UHKBU3UTOP UHKBU3UTOP 30.01.202208:03 response link 0.4
bon appétit
iggd iggd 30.01.202210:40 response link 0.3
danke schön
Mmmm... blinchiki
Resetnik Resetnik 30.01.202218:59 response link 0.3
this for some bojua... be more simple!
Шип27 Шип2730.01.202210:45responselink 1.1
Hrenovina Hrenovina30.01.202214:16responselink 0.5
vra1234 vra1234 30.01.202220:44 response link 0.3
young future inoagent detected
Anton  Taranov Anton Taranov 01.02.202211:45 response link 0.1
for halva
Yenik Yenik 30.01.202210:50 response link 0.3
Nope, seems yummy! (no)
Hrenovina Hrenovina 30.01.202214:17 response link 0.2
link to the gif
Anton  Taranov Anton Taranov 01.02.202211:47 response link 0.0
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Kegeke Kegeke 30.01.202212:22 response link -0.3
Standart russian family dish.
Miron Smith Miron Smith 30.01.202215:30 response link 0.4
Oh, it's been a long time we met
poof poof 30.01.202215:41 response link 0.5
Original: spade
Picrel: shovel

NeonkaInside NeonkaInside 30.01.202216:32 response link 0.2
Doror0 Doror0 30.01.202219:07 response link 0.4
blinchiki special
Superbread Superbread 30.01.202222:13 response link 0.1
Russian traditional pancake plate.
docly docly 31.01.202200:07 response link 0.2
my grandmother had the same
EvilxCookie EvilxCookie 31.01.202211:57 response link 0.1
Tell her to clean (or don't) it and use for pancakes, the traditional Russian way!
Пів Шишечки Пів Шишечки 31.01.202212:13 response link 0.1
The right plate size!
DeadTR DeadTR 31.01.202210:55 response link 0.1
Ancient technology
ZeZZeR ZeZZeR 01.02.202200:47 response link 0.1
Honey we have guests, bring out the fine china
Cultural exchange
Onurahi Onurahi 01.02.202214:48 response link 0.0
Кушать подано жрать садитесь.
Storz Storz 04.02.202205:56 response link 0.1
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