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link to the gifgif,gif animation, animated pictures,sandbox,Joyreactor.cc,Legends of JoyReactor

gif,gif animation, animated pictures,sandbox,Joyreactor.cc,Legends of JoyReactor
Comments 601.02.202213:43link4.5
What is funny, but I started to see some international posts with that yellow line under picture or gif. Maybe even 7 years ago.
Comrade Major Comrade Major 01.02.202218:58 response link 0.4
I think that's how many people found joyreactor.:)
kopyta kopyta 01.02.202219:25 response link 0.6
I found joyreactor while searching porn
Lt. Jefferson Lt. Jefferson 02.02.202215:50 response link 0.9
True story
VelothResdayn VelothResdayn02.02.202216:03responselink 0.5
Like each of us
DeadTR DeadTR 02.02.202216:19 response link 0.4
Yup, +1
Atheas Atheas 02.02.202216:21 response link 0.3
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