DJ Noriken feat. Yukacco - Enjoy This Time / Russia :: Fuck it! Dance it! :: Fuck it! I'm dancing :: I'm dancing :: I'm dancinы :: fuck it :: countries :: Let's dance

Let's dance Russia countries fuck it I'm dancinы I'm dancing Fuck it! I'm dancing Fuck it! Dance it! 

DJ Noriken feat. Yukacco - Enjoy This Time
Let's dance,Russia,countries,fuck it,I'm dancinы,I'm dancing,Fuck it! I'm dancing,Fuck it! Dance it!
Comments 2002.02.202214:47link5.3
Today is not Friday, dear faggots.
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inglip inglip 02.02.202216:33 response link 0.5
Wednesday is Little Friday, dear Faggots.
Demon_night Demon_night 02.02.202216:37 response link 0.6
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Darth_Chronos Darth_Chronos 02.02.202217:55 response link 0.2
Kitsunmer Kitsunmer 02.02.202217:06 response link 0.3
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serj777 serj777 02.02.202217:36 response link 0.1
I hope moo knows the rules. Nobody allowed with his own music
Rodions Rodions 02.02.202218:10 response link 0.0
Bezgin Bezgin 02.02.202218:15 response link 0.2
I think "let's dance" doesn't capture the essence of the "pohui plyashem" posts. How shall we call it? "Fuck it, I'm dancing"? Too long.
inglip inglip 02.02.202218:19 response link 0.2
Fuck it, let’s dance!
eyeball eyeball 02.02.202219:08 response link 0.2
Apokal17 Apokal17 02.02.202218:34 response link 0.2
zZIMm zZIMm 02.02.202219:30 response link 0.2
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MrPoppins MrPoppins 04.02.202212:28 response link 0.1
Zhdanov Zhdanov 02.02.202219:48 response link 0.4
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Хермоус Мора Хермоус Мора 04.02.202212:22 response link 0.0
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Repostobot Repostobot 04.02.202212:54 response link -0.9
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MrPoppins MrPoppins 04.02.202213:13 response link 0.0
Raiho Raiho 04.02.202216:26 response link 0.0
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