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Comments 1502.02.202215:20link5.3
Typically working in Russia
Reyf Reyf 02.02.202215:33 response link 0.5
Обычный столб уличного освещения
Conventional street light pole
Airy Spectre Airy Spectre 02.02.202215:42 response link 0.5
Yep, so it every evening when walk my bear around nuclear reactor and drink vodka.
mixail mixail 02.02.202220:29 response link 0.1
Demon_night Demon_night 03.02.202213:15 response link 0.0
и в каждом доме по ядерному котлу
sttwix sttwix 04.02.202200:18 response link 0.1
Werwoid Werwoid 02.02.202217:38 response link 0.1
Почему я не удивлён что дама сидит за компьютером?
NikoFap NikoFap 03.02.202202:10 response link 0.1
zZIMm zZIMm 03.02.202219:23 response link 0.1
More fire for Svarog!
xTHC xTHC 03.02.202217:33 response link 0.3
Doesn't .com support coubs in comments?
I've tried to put embed here, but site said "Unknown image type"
Prain Prain03.02.202219:24responselink 0.0
Try again. This site version is unstable.
monitor monitor 04.02.202203:10 response link 0.2
Kogda pechi Izengarda vo vsu plavyat metal, no komu-to nejno zapolnyat' bumagi
Любимый Чай Любимый Чай 03.02.202220:40 response link 0.0
Skoree eto uje bashnya saurona
Reil_Tride Reil_Tride 04.02.202204:32 response link 0.0
Prain Prain04.02.202212:51responselink 0.3
laureus laureus 06.02.202219:03 response link 0.0
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