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What they sayhunidhoebitchfotyhomieniggaMy niggachronicCaptain sav-a-hoefiddyFo sho5-0straight Bling ice holla Real talkWhat it meanshundredfemaleAlso female(dog)fourtyfriendBlack person Black friendMarijuana(that'sbad mkay)Man who pays for everythingfiftysurepoliceAll is wellFlashy jewelryAlso
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What they say hunid hoe bitch foty homie nigga My nigga chronic Captain sav-a-hoe fiddy Fo sho 5-0 straight Bling ice holla Real talk What it means hundred female Also female(dog) fourty friend Black person Black friend Marijuana(that'sbad mkay) Man who pays for everything fifty sure police All is well Flashy jewelry Also Flashy jewelry Make conversation with The truth
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