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'trying to fapquietly(laptop)(recently destroyed Laptop)"'hears sound in other room^bedroom door opensPOKER FACEwhat happened to the laptop?talking fastfu fuckin dinosaurs man crashedthrough the window fuckin giant iguanathen why is your penis out?smashed the laptopwith his big ass tail..,funny
Details trying to fap quietly hears sound in other room
'trying to fap quietly (laptop) (recently destroyed Laptop) ’"'hears sound in other room ^bedroom door opens POKER FACE what happened to the laptop? ‘talking fast fu fuckin dinosaurs man crashed through the window ’fuckin giant iguana then why is your penis out? smashed the laptop with his big ass tail..
funny pictures,auto,What's All This Racket,are you serious,cereal guy,troll dad,wat face,poker face,rage face,fap fap fap,awww yeah,laptop,fap,masturbation
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