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Today, at work.10.6 QUALITY AND RELIABILITYII475Mold compoundPassivation layer cracksChipAdhesiveLeadframeFiller particles Stress relieve agents 0# O a 4*0e%Q*o.Deformation of metallizationBall bond fractureChip cracksLeadVoids Delamination Package cracksFigure 10-37. Typical Failure Mechanisms,
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Today, at work. 10.6 QUALITY AND RELIABILITY II—475 Mold compound Passivation layer cracks Chip Adhesive Leadframe Filler particles Stress relieve agents 0# O a 4 °*0e °%Q»*o. Deformation of metallization Ball bond fracture Chip cracks Lead Voids Delamination Package cracks Figure 10-37. Typical Failure Mechanisms, Sites, and Modes in Plastic-Encap-sulated Devices (From Ref. I.) to wirebonding, encapsulation, postmold exothermic curing, rework on neighboring components, dipping in molten solder, vapor-phase soldering, and reflow soldering. External thermal loads lead to changes in dimensions because of thermal expansion and can change such physical properties as Ball bond fracture Casino
funny pictures,auto,rage comics,work,true story,lol guy,wat face,soon computer,james bond
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