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N40N4 \ (\Re \4 UMWG FOP-AFftcM co\s\^e,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,endlessorigami,dinner,africa
N40N4» \МЦКГ (\Re \»4Е UMWG FOP- AFftcM co\s\^e»
comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,endlessorigami,dinner,africa
Comments 1206.12.201220:29link4.9
It's not funny. They are dying every day because of this "african cuisine"
MadBro MadBro06.12.201221:34responselink 0.0
it's just a joke...
Re-L Mayer Re-L Mayer06.12.201221:37responselink 0.0
What do you do to help african children?
RedneckJoe RedneckJoe06.12.201221:37responselink 0.0
At first I'm not joking about this problem.
MadBro MadBro09.12.201213:23responselink 0.0
You just posted a satirical comic strip on that problem. Technically - yes, yes you are.
Puffer Bluntman Puffer Bluntman19.12.201204:37responselink 0.0
You're MadBro ?
StealthAssassin StealthAssassin09.12.201204:47responselink 0.0
yep! I'm MadBro
Re-L Mayer Re-L Mayer09.12.201213:13responselink 0.0
nope, I'm MadBro. You're trying to steal my nickname?
MadBro MadBro09.12.201213:14responselink 0.0
Don't try to steal my nickname, motherfucker! internet needs me!
MadBro MadBro09.12.201213:19responselink 0.0
Re-L Mayer Re-L Mayer09.12.201213:24responselink 0.0
I'm MadBro.
Puffer Bluntman Puffer Bluntman19.12.201204:38responselink 0.0
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