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UNS Ul NG ERname is.Bruce Wayne. RobiiTisTofl were other Robins/namely^Jasbn^iToci mam villains areyairlyjwella^Bruce^Wayne^ipyai butter''Alfred's full amisHOLP&T/IZ.BRUCE(comm unity.ser viceOriginally, Batman toolTplacecomicTHINGS YOU PRABABLY DIDNT KNOW ABOUT[man with gunson f H It s comic
UNS Ul NG ER name is.Bruce Wayne. RobiiTisTofl were other Robins/namely^Jasbn^iToci” mam villains are’yairlyjwell a^Bruce^Wayne^ipyai butter''Alfred's full ñaméis HOLP &T/IZ. BRUCE сштшазЁшсззй (Зпзвшй цщ comm unity.ser vice Originally, Batman toolTplace comic THINGS YOU PRABABLY DIDNT KNOW ABOUT [man with guns on» «f H It s comic books.«Hef ner.admite ttiat 5Side fiSSTiublishing, one of his early projects wasj:artoomng.*MuclTFJter in life he still lik^n SiT TT9* №im Chicago p^boy club, Hie Hef decidedto have a Batmanttiemed party that celebrated Tu^Tn~^^ COI^-He had a?^VeSsed as Batma" and Robin an l?- Jjlg°0,yk!jgily gee'whK" lines trom the comic, and »e old Batman movie serials were screened. Little did Hef know Yale Udo ., affAB^etuttg was attendingTwtien he saw the crowds a Dav nLrnrC^rJ^№e g0°,y Batn,aS’and Robin, he immediately ran to p y phone and called ABC with an idea for a new Batman TV show So was born the campy but lovable 1960's Batman series. ГГ 1# - I" ШВ j ■ • s. 1B, J- ; ВмШГДКД ■ ‘A щ ‘ Л « iV ~ |l mmÜB H ftdMK ти» 1 ■ ■. - И — _ Др W ^ 'ir-!i?.rs d.ec4ded to lave it take place in a fictional city • Biey could give the commits own wbrld. A writer lew.York phone book randomly, saw Gotham Jewters” and so №e name was born. The location of Gotham city has always been a bit hazy sometimes it «as depict’d on the East Coast, SS! was ^>cated m the Midwest, near, Superman’s hometown of Metropolis How ^sver, popular canon now states that Gotham is located on the East Coast SSin №e StaKte °,N^ Jerse* ha* never b®ST, T C°miC’ m 3 feW Cases readers have spotted “Gotham^- ^ itcence ' °n P,ateS’ a"d °nCe a cl,aracter’s driver’s WiHOlDREWiiliH ï<à ,Mm Batman * a scene where a saml Gotham ^City reporter is being ribbed by his co-workers smn^wiBi^Batanan, thought by most to be an urban legerid. At one’point mth tte"« h? S-uetCh °‘ 3 si,|y-,ooking anthropomorphic bat in a tSxedo' I ynmjie,words Have you seen this man?”, much to the reporter’s’Sha^* y°ll/'atch №e movie> Pause for a second and check the I t Was drawn bWe other №a" Batman creator, Bob] KaneJjn^sure that one would fetch a bit on E-bay. f ' ■ 2 - MY LIFE IN TIGHTS In 1991, Batman co-star Burt Ward, who played Robin alongside Adam West’s Batman, wrote a smutty tell-all book called ‘Burt Ward: My life in tights. The book has been universally panned as poorly written, poorly published and full of outrageous lies. Burt Ward depicts himself as a genius super-athlete and an infamous lady’s man> and recounts endless sexual y escapades of himself and Adam West He claims there were always women I on the set of the show, ready to rip ” off their clothing and do the deed | with the dynamic duo. He depicts I himself as a world-class lover and a ’ r./r Adam West as totally unable to ML W satisfy a woman in numerous KfTpmmrA pn near-pornographic passages. Adam West later revealed he read the book 3and took no offense, believing that no one could possibly believe half of it, saying that “Burt probably just dlttd b> Bt-vi Ralph Ross neede<t the money”. Later Burt Ward ; ;; admitted he was goaded by the publishers to make the book “More Interesting” and fessed up to fabricating most of it Shame on you, Boy Winder. Ipli Ross 1- THE LONGEST RUNNING BATMAN Kevin Conroy as Batman/Bruce Wayne Over Uie years many big names in Hollywood have played Batanan, but who’s played him the longest? Ihat title goes to Kevin Conroy, who voiced the animated batman in Seven cartoon series, six video games and five animated movies -m total spanning 12 years. Many have named him as Vo,ce of Batman” without question, and he brought some originality to the role with his unique take on the character. While in the comic it’s said Batman disguises everything about him when he dons the cape and cowl, before Conroy's portrayal most people played Batman and Bruce Wayne as very similar. Conroy had the idea of noticeably altering the tone of his voice when he goes from crime fighter to millionaire playboy.
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