lucky :: accident :: bus :: driver :: gif (gif animation, animated pictures)

gif bus driver accident lucky 
link to the gifgif,gif animation, animated pictures,bus,driver,accident,lucky

gif,gif animation, animated pictures,bus,driver,accident,lucky
Comments 427.03.201315:52link3.2
wtf? what is it?
Re-L May Re-L May 27.03.201320:26 response link 0.0
It's a chinese, there are a lot in asia
keikunzero keikunzero 28.03.201305:03 response link 0.0
a lot of weird shit?
Re-L May Re-L May 28.03.201317:44 response link 0.0
in left side of picture the man is not so lucky (bad english)
tratata373 tratata373 30.12.201410:36 response link 0.0
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