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gif,gif animation, animated pictures,b,back
Comments 503.08.201315:06link4.3
what do you think, it works IRL?
Re-L MayRe-L May03.08.201315:34responselink 0.0
'B' mean bitch or black ?
Fluffy Fluffy03.08.201318:45responselink 0.0
Is it racism?
All I saw was a joke about 'bee' and B.
heindallheindall03.08.201319:15responselink 0.0
It mean bee.
Sincerely yours captain obvious
Deimos Deimos03.08.201319:13responselink 0.0
oh gosh people I dodn't notice the subs lol
Am Istupid?
FluffyFluffy03.08.201320:43responselink 0.0
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