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celestial cuties,sun,moon,yummy,sandbox,earth

celestial cuties,sun,moon,yummy,sandbox,earth
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this is because fat americans and their fast food
Fluffy Fluffy27.08.201322:00responselink 0.0
u know, I've seen fat ppl all over the world. And what is more important, in USA I've seen a lot of thin guys making yoga in parks and small squares (I don't see them in the couuntry I live in, they tend to hide somewhere while making it).
fallencoin fallencoin27.08.201322:09responselink 0.0
I agree, I've been living in America fo half a year and I know that there are 2 kinds of people there: mc donalds fatties and joggers? especially in small towns. and I'm glad that at least some of them understand that you should eat food, not junk. but still, the USA is the home of the fast food and one of the fattest nations in the world
Fluffy Fluffy27.08.201322:23responselink 0.0
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