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vote for anonimous!
MadBro MadBro14.09.201317:54responselink 0.0
It's called protest vote(blank vote), and in every democracy regime everyone have the right to vot this. I think someone fall asleep in the citizenship classes.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201319:07responselink 0.0
unfortunately in some counties vote against all is not available (some 2nd and 3rd world countries). it concerns my motherland
Re-L May Re-L May14.09.201319:12responselink 0.0
I live in a democracy - so this is not my problem. If I were live in non-democracy I was leave it no matter what. If you'll know your country laws so good(like I did) you can easily know how not be screwed by your own country - you should be allways the smarter.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201319:33responselink 0.0
I want to tell you something about democracy. How can people hardly familiar with politics, philosophy, science, with low IQ vote for anybody? are they competent to decide?
I don't wont the housewives and rednecks to determine the fate of my country
but I dunno who should determine it. this is a problem
Re-L May Re-L May14.09.201319:45responselink 0.0
about choosing a country to live
for a long time I thought would I settle in America or not.
and after these stories about Edward Snowden, Apple&Samsung, taxes and healthcare I decided I wouldn't
Re-L May Re-L May14.09.201319:49responselink 0.0
If you are not an importiant person, it's shouldn't concern you. If you are a simple tax payer and not the country will not give a damn who the hell are you. It's called opportunism.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201320:03responselink 0.0
opportunism is about breaking moral rules

about taxes -if I'm a citizen of America I should pay taxes wherever I live. and this tax burden is high enough. that's why Google Adsense (Google's cash cow) is located in Ireland - for tax optimization
Re-L May Re-L May14.09.201320:12responselink 0.0
I almost had every shit in my life, so I was grew up strong. That's I don't afraid or give a damn to my country. I do everything my country ask me to do and when I'll need something back, everything I did will be right in court - you allways need to think few steps before to get what you want. And I allways get what I want.
Ali Heibi Ali Heibi14.09.201320:21responselink 0.0
because you're a typical citizen
Re-L May Re-L May14.09.201321:30responselink 0.0
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