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Nudist and Casual Exhibitionist!

I’m normally a shy and low profile person, but I have been endowed with a most magnificent penis. My years of exhibitionism have served me well in showing so many people my love affair with my penis. I am proud to show what a real man looks like!

Love of my penis has led me to actively commit Sex Offenses - leading me to become a pervert and flagrant Sex Offender -known as “Mr Masturbate”!

We have scores of videos that we have posted under the name of Mrmasturbate:


I really enjoy having a penis, and feel that women are here for our pleasure! Women are great places to dump our cum and we love them for it!

I think that Dad’s should have a great relationship with our daughters! Fucking them is a great way to show how much you love them. And great for Dad’s too!!!




I have committed numerous Sex Offenses by Exposing myself in public places and Masturbating. I am a Sexual Deviate and a Pervert. I’ve been committing Sex Offenses since I was 11 years old and I continue to commit Sex Offenses


I have posted a large body of evidence that attests to how much of a pervert I am and have become. My enjoyment of my status as a Sex Offender is well documented in the following sites - just a tip of the Sex Offending “iceberg” that defines me!!

All of these sites, especially the videos, are very revealing and disturbing. I have given in to my Sexual Perversions and am under the influence of “Mr Masturbate” – who shows a complete disregard for morals, ethics, and personal safety.

My Sex Offenses number in the thousands. There are hundreds of people who have seen me expose myself and masturbate. My videos have over a quarter million views!

I advocate being a Sex Offender and committing Sex Offenses!
I have also written a number of essays that are posted at:


My preferences for exposing myself and masturbating for young girls is of particular interest. I want these young ladies to see what a real man looks like! I find great pleasure and excitement in anyone that I expose to, but I seek out women and young girls as prime targets for my Sexual Escapades!

I love stories about young girls, and this site has some great ones!


My proud claim to be a Sex Offender is well founded. If you do a google search for “sex offender exhibitionist” and look at videos, you will find me! I’m famous!!


The fact that I have, so far, avoided being arrested as a Sex Offender is a testament to my ability to "stay under the radar" combined with an amazing degree of forbearance and good luck....
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Lifelike Sex Dolls Bring Unparalleled Pleasure


With the increase of social pressure, more and more people will buy sex products to relieve pressure. Every buyer will encounter different needs when seeking adult products to fulfill their various sexual desires. Among all such products, sex dolls have become the most popular and most popular products, and people can be fully excited in bed. In many countries, there are many adult sex dolls with exciting features that make more and more people feel crazy. Especially in some countries, a small group of people want their love dolls to be their real life partners. At the same time, more and more people buy their sex dolls on 69sexdoll.com to pursue their own sexual pleasure.

When you think about sex, the gorgeous images of beautiful girls begin to attract your attention. Her perfect body makes you want to have her. No matter what kind of man he is, he will definitely like to spend time with such a partner. They can do many adult entertainment activities with dolls. Especially on a stressful night, indulge in adult behavior and enjoy the sexual pleasure that your partner and doll bring to you in bed. This is where Aiwa comes into play.

First of all, lifelike sex dolls can relieve your stress. As you have heard before, having sex with your partner can help you get rid of unnecessary stress and depression. Having a lifelike sex doll can help you get rid of feelings of depression, stress and loneliness. They are the perfect choice for satisfying sexual needs.

Secondly, the love doll has a perfect figure. No matter who it is, it must be admitted that those dolls have a perfect figure that ordinary women can't imagine. The lifelike doll has the perfect weight and height, and is a perfect figure that makes a man feel like he is having sex with a real woman. The dolls come in different heights and weights, allowing them the flexibility to find a doll that suits their needs and budget. Those adult dolls can help men feel the pleasure of sex well.

Finally, every doll has small holes that stimulate sexual desire, and there are three main places for masturbation: the mouth, anus and vagina. Through investigation and research, the attractive holes in the dolls arouse the strongest sexual desire of men there. You don’t have to worry about the quality standards of the dolls purchased at 69sexdoll, because these love dolls that you will never forget are made of high-quality materials, such as silicone and TPE. When you put them on the bed for sex, you will be addicted to their holes. Note that the number of holes depends largely on your budget and other features.
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comics JaGo sexism superheroes logic women 

f I'm pissed off \ because of the way people sexualize women in those comics, showing , us liKe sexist y \ objects yhow much have women suffered due to those sexual representations about female perfect bodies in ridiculously tight clothes?,comics,funny comics & strips,
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society funny society funny man woman sex picture funny picture 


SOCIETY,society,funny society,funny,man,woman,sex,fucking,picture,funny picture
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nsfw gafcomics comics feminists 

ESEOF THOSEST GROUPS/(cX1-K&> jUSAlFOR IDEOLOGICAL REASONS, OF COURSE,nsfw,sex related or lewd, adult content, dirty and nasty jokes,gafcomics,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,feminists
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link to the gif
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comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,aim,women,men,toilet,training
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boobs lotion Cristina Del Basso gif nsfw erotic 

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The biggest fear for every men...
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funny pictures Let's not forget you will always have sex before you have an ex.... 

\mx AlVAYS w v>N *EW s* HA Vi V)V>W> W'>r'"ghjfhnAnd *fun* in funeralAntworten deftchaos 2hThere will always be laughter in manslaughter,funny pictures,Let's not forget you will always have sex before you have an ex....
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