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demotivation work


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Work is merciless

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Just Some Dam Sexy Work

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Adrenaline work

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No good work goes unpunished

CONGRATS! YOU HAVE HIT YOUR TARGETS!(MANAGERp.< TARGET l^v'O; / - x -|< TARGETWHICH MEANS THE TARGETS WERE TOO EASY. CSO I HAVE DOUBLED YOUR TARGETS FOR NEXT TIME. f0 m\ kj J,work,funny work,cartoon,funny cartoon,piccture,funny,funny picture
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I4* >jClient: Hello, so 1 ordered 1000 cubes for my home made pyramid but you sent me 998 ones and 2 spheres.Boss: What do you mean, we don't even sell spheres. Client: Well, apparendy one of your employees spent the entire work day cutting two of them into spheres so he can roll them.Boss: Oh
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Time for work guys

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Home office

"working from home" is pretty much just staying sober enough to respond to emails,home,work,home work,home office,funny work,funny,picture,funny picture
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Collective work

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7:20 pm, still making visualization

And remember kids, cancer is not our friend
Number of Patients:14,250Number of Patients >1 Diagnosis:11,513Number of Presseription:138,590Family Cancer HistorySmokeAlcoholY50.2235%Age Group & GenderN49.7765%Yes36.50%Stoppe10.83%20.78%NeverNever52.66%23.71%Currentmalefemale. ft 24.74% . A */1' 27.82% V 18-30% 9.86% II 6.99% 0.22% 1.68% 0.32%
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Fun work

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