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4-panel-life dad shop lost 

HAT FADoh hey is that a sale4> #shoot, where'd Dad 90?at least he's wearing a hat, so it wont be hard to -find-'tapcxstic.com/senes/ ^PAKJEb LIFE J,4-panel-life,dad,father,shop,lost
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4-panel-life wake up alarm 

GOOD MORNINGtapastic.com/senes/ 4-PAWElrL\FE,4-panel-life,wake up,alarm
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girls heels shoes 4-panel-life 

HIGH-HEELSThese shoes are so cuie/but-I dunno about heelshmm...This actually isn't as bad as I thoughtIMiI can actual ly-I don't thinK thoseare -for you ^mplovee]tapastic.com/series/ L^-PAWEb UPE J,girls,heels,shoes,4-panel-life
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4-panel-life camera photo face 

CAMERA SHVSaiy cheese/c:\osWThatagoAnri I get one without that eventuallyU Uwhen you're not eypecting itLoo^ over here/tapastic.com/senes/ 4-PAWEbUFE,4-panel-life,camera,photo,face
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decision 4-panel-life comics 

DECISIONSHmrn...nruy instincts tell me this is +he right thing to go withbut I Know it's risKy,SO I also have to be carefulSo should I folloou my heart?^ or folloto my brain?nnm,ARE YOU READY TO ORDER?YEAH. JUST A SECCOFFEE WUFFIN sanjdJV 1 V41tapastic.com/series/
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comics 4-panel-life birthday gift pc 

U)Hf\T HAPPENED_Jlir- I used to be sucH better r\ .shape oohem I M uxxs uoungermI used to go outsideWWBIRTHOW/tapastic.com/senes/ 4'PAMEb L\PE,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,4-panel-life,birthday,gift,pc
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comics 4-panel-life independence 

(IN) DEPENDENTWE ONLY TAKE CASH/CHECK\-\'Ube r'9^ bocK Ybexv.DebrtDad***YOU'RE 70 CENTS SHORTDad***tapastic.com/senes/ LJ-PAKJEb DEEJ rosT*,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,4-panel-life,independence
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4-panel-life productivity comics 

PRODUCTIVITYI SHOULD BE PRODUCTIVE TODAYtapastic.com/senes/ 4'PAMEbLTE,4-panel-life,productivity,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons
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4-panel-life street view 

STREET VIEW(JOOLOlooKW VVxose. -flowersso Soft'suoV\ere -VhaV p\ace is..IVe never seen ^ th\s par\< before]'A *JvtLI should 90 outsidetapastic .coon /series/ 4 "PANJ EbLlfE,4-panel-life,street,view
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4-panel-life decision purchase 

BUY BVEVWWW\ reaWy oocwrd tWs bot..bu* v be coorW\ rt \n -VV\e lovg-run, rigYt? arv3 \'ll poV VV to good use r\gbt? \ i/oon'+ regret W, rlgVvV?A\r\qV\t n\ buw \+!q-PANEL-LIFE .TUMBLR COW,4-panel-life,decision,purchase
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