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Hello all. If you remember, a few days ago I posted about my book here. That post is at this link Recently, I accessed that Flipkart page, and I see a review for that book.
Now, this review isn't original. I have seen it before, about some Russian guy who goes to America. My question here is, which of you fine gentlemen posted that review?
RedneckJoe? DeadWhale? Insomnia? Anyone?
Pic attached.
A A A A A tttttChodak Choden15 March 13JlJIrUUIrUUJ.^Lnice bookWhen i first come to india, my english, he cause me many problems. In tibet i was strong teacher, my english i know is best in Chongye Valley . the dalai lama pat me on bald head and say to me 'chodak, may the Chinese not shoot you in
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Hope this isn't spam. But I wanted to share the good news with everyone.
I just published a book. It's titled 'Dirt Tracks' and is published here in India by Penguin publishers, but is available worldwide in eBook form. You can see the book at the link below. Read it if you feel like it, but wish me luck, guys. :-D
This is my first book, and I'm sort of nervous.
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