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meme twitter ai EA software oral science geek 

MOTHERBOARDVICE.COMScientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an Al that Sucks DickShould have called EA they been making software that sucks dick for years.,meme,twitter,ai,EA,software,oral,science,smart jokes for clever people,geek
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WAIT WAIT?don't do this?M -N'DEAD SPACE 1 /\lT',srgrafo,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,EA,Dead Space,games
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Command & conquer EA 

Command & conquer,EA
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'Shookie Claus dfl@QuadShookierFollowReminder you are living in the timeline where a niche singleplayer game about existential crisis and booty outsold a AAA Star Wars shooter made by EAo6:53 AM - 10 Dec 2017 1,790 Retweets 4,217 LikesQ 72t_1 1.8K O 4.2K0,EA,games,fuck,NieR Automata,sandbox

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e3 video 2015 Unravel games EA 

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STEADr^ Satans Invisible World Displayed,EA,satan
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link to the gif
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 I've never been a fan of Dungeon Keeper, cause simply I hadn't got a pc when it came out. Sure I've heard a lot about that game and wanted to try it, but i just haven't got enough time evenfor newer games not speaking of old ones. But you must to know that I looove old games, I respect them, there is no problem to me to pick up Doom or 1st Thief and play it. Anyway, that's not the point of my post. Today i saw something on the internet that left me speechless: Dungeon Keeper for mobiles. Seems legit, right? No.

  Just take a quick look on thisvid from 2:20. Check out how fast the room is being built:

Get it? It takes 2 minutes to build an entire room in this old game.

And now, please, look at least five minutes of this video (that's the same guy):

And i want to ask just one simple question: What The Fuck?!
Luckily for me, i don't spend my time on mobile games (I have an old nokia running on Symbian), but i remember those days when mobile games was just like normal ones: without those stupid micro-transactions.
Thanks for your attention.
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2014: ACTIVI5I0N RAI565 TUE 5TAKE5 WITU CALL OF : FATUBRLAbJO.CORy RyDELL 6 CARTER UAVE A , OWE 5UE WILL &E A LAOyWWW.E5CAPI5TMA<3AEIK)e.COM,critical miss,comics,funny comics &amp; strips, cartoons,call of duty,games,dog,baby,EA,battlefield
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