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^ SO WHAT'S WITH THE ICE PALACE ___ HERE?^ I BUILT THIS TO BE My HOME AWAV PROM EVERVONE... MV FORTHOF v SOLmJPB.SURETHINELSA/,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Superman,DC Comics,fandoms,Batman,fortress of solitude,disney,Elsa Frozen,Frozen (movie),movies,deviantart
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No. 67 RosicmncirabbU.com 2017 Alex Dempsey,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,rosiannarabbit,Frozen,Elsa Frozen,Frozen (movie),movies,singing

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STEVEGOADART.COR,art,beautiful pictures,stevegoad,film,illustration,disney,edge of tomorrow,Frozen (movie),movies,Elsa Frozen

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Claparo-Sansrae\^ntart?Gom',Elsa Frozen,Frozen (movie),movies,art,beautiful pictures
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marauders4evr:I want an Elsa with dark skin.So, you want her to look like Katara?I want a more realistic relationship between Elsa and her sibling.You mean like the realistic relationship between Katara and her sibling?I want more scenes where Elsa learns how to control her powers.You mean like how
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