Friends (tv show)

Friends (tv show)

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I wanna post something funny!

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pie chart describing my favorite bars*And this is a bar graph describing my favorite pies;.(In Percentage ol Awesomeaess)MY FAVORITE PIES(In Percentage of Tastiness),comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,pie,food,meal,chart,Friends (tv show),tv shows,tv
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Someone's angry at that pic.
Guess who...
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IaiIjIia?49III1?IICL/ mti $um $ 3NI3WQ0 ' CHV ! 01 35 01VJ00 * $ HV V ' iv51 in03V$$ 00 V $ ** 9131 01HI $1003mamo 30 o Him * V 1 " 1 011 1' II $ II 1 ' v * im 09 01 30 1 $ * uv um o $ H30VNVW $1 W im ai o 1'WIXVW03* 1MIV9V 1(03$ N05 3v 1 'V3H1V3 o v
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Friends (tv show) 

JuanFriends 3450Friends,Friends (tv show)
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Friends (tv show) gif phoebe pc email 

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Friends (tv show) joey sex food question 

I want girls on breadWhat about you, Joe?What; would you give up, sex.orjfood^hh ooo uhhh... I dont know,'its too hard.Uhh...' food- No, sex. Food. Sex. Food. Se...I don^imqw! Uhhh god I want both! I want...,Friends (tv show),joey,sex,fucking,food,meal,question
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photomontage Friends (tv show) monica chandler 

photomontage,a lot of photoshop jokes =),Friends (tv show),monica,chandler
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Friends (tv show) gif chandler push up 

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