Humpty Dumpty

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: . :Trt'S iS How |T STARTs, HufApTv. Ne*T THiNG VoU KMoW, YouR FATHER AND 1 WiU. FtND VoU SUNN4! S\DE OoWM IN A DUMPSTER ReHiND DENNY'S.CRACK FRO&LEfAS AREN'T uMiTeDTo THE NtRCTY,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,scott hillburn,eggs,Humpty Dumpty,mom,dad,father,crack
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HUMPTY DUMPTY HAD A GRSAT RAUL-ALL KINGS HORSBS, AND ALU TM6 KING'S MBNFBLT 6 SBNTIBNT 6GG SHOUID N6YBR B6&N.iaj& did right to push IT. W6 DID UJAS RIGUT wb>c- CO ce. CO rn,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,SMBC,saturday morning breakfast cereal,Humpty Dumpty,morning

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