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gif police Russia 

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gif bear meanwhile in Russia 

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live in russia life in russia Russia 

Get arrestedAnjle on a frozen lakeWork onDoomidayWeaponDrink your Doomsday chemicals4 C.Dream about wine<Dream about whiskeyDream about beerwDream about vodkaWake up because ft-67 *C,live in russia,life in russia,Russia
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books Russia dirty slang 

G0TTTNG TO KNOU )ZnPHOmSTUDI'm John yadzhon .I think I pretty cool, but my friends all say I'm a loser. ya schi-TA-yu se-BYA kru-TIM. no vsye mo ldrv-ZYA govoRYA chtoya LU-zer. , , .I'm really just misunderstood and very lonelyno SA-mom DYELye. me-NYA nye ponl-MA-yut I ya O-cheno-di-NOK ,
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car Russia gif winter drifting 

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bear meanwhile in Russia 

bear,meanwhile in,Russia
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USA Russia norway ireland bitch please alcohol vodka wiskey 

laugh I love you allcryTlmeto call my friendsforeign languages i'am rich!exotic dance i'am allright Hospital:/NORWAYlaughI love you allnext bottle12IRELAND12laughnext bottleRUSSIABreakfast <-,USA,United States,Russia,norway,ireland,bitch please,alcohol,vodka,wiskey
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youtube comments sandbox meanwhile in Russia 

In Korea, if you want to marry a girl, you have to defeat their father in an RPG.DraggoS8 for 6 maneder siden 119In Afghanistan, if you want to marry a girl you have to shoot her father with an RPG..paperhandsunicn som svar til DraggoSS for 2 maneder siden 31 In Russia, RPG marries you.brippie som
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USA Russia law Soviet Russia 

IN HMERICR IN 5DVIET RU55IRUDU 1_... LRIH >15 DLI!!,USA,United States,Russia,law,Soviet Russia
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auto Russia lada evolution bmw 

The Evolution Of The Bmw 5 Se198819722010LADA. Perfect From The Beginning,auto,Russia,lada,evolution,bmw
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