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Today is 63 birthday of Vladimir Putin and this is his present from Italian jewerly studio

An Italian jewelry studio created a special collection of custom-made Apple Watch smart watches to commemorate the upcoming birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On October 7, Putin will turn 63. The collection comprises 63 pieces.

The watches from the new collection are covered with white gold. The body of the watch is decorated with a "63 Anniversario Edizione" inscription (63rd anniversary edition) and a panoramic view of Moscow.

The timepiece also has a copy of Vladimir Putin’s signature carved in its body.

The price of an Anniversario Edizione watch is 229,000 rubles ($3,430).

The new collection adds to the Apple Watch Epoca (epoch) collection crafted earlier by the company to pay tribute to the three great eras of Russian history: the Russian Empire, the USSR and the contemporary Russia.

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Russia,countries,vladimir putin,birthday,apple,watch,sandbox
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Borak Obama syria Russia countries political sandbox 

Borak Obama protects "innocent" civilians from russian air strikes

Borak Obama,syria,Russia,countries,political,sandbox
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ORTHODOXYgiddy of uppingsremove homofascistsOhail putinopposition is killNot Even Once,countryballs,polandball,comics,funny comics & strips, cartoons,Russia,countries,Ukraine,greece,romania,serbia,antireligion
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Russia countries 

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toonhole. usa Russia countries china war nuclear 

AIR.. PRESIOEMT, WE NEED THE KEV To Activate dvr. missile defense system!(/MW, I'LL CHECK THE OVAL OFFICE AGAIN...OOHN /AARTWEZ -201^ TOONH0LE.COM,toonhole. usa,Russia,countries,china,war,nuclear
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Russia countries do something funny laws 

In the light of those Russian laws.
C'mon, Russia Do something funny,Russia,countries,do something funny,laws
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This motorcycle ride will of honors the brave Russian soldiers who died liberatings Europe from evil Fascists.Yuo are of free now, Tovarishchi!Poland remembers liberation of much differently...Yuo of like that, ?!Please.* *Gib valuables.yBut, is all N^have...r'{ 4 IHe was of traitor to the
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Russia countries DNA rat animals lab 

A monument in Novosibirsk, Russia dedicated to lab rats who were sacrificed for DNA research.

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charlie hebdo nsfw europe america countries Russia difference 

charlie hebdo,nsfw,sex related or lewd, adult content, dirty and nasty jokes,europe,america,countries,Russia,difference
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