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Americans: Our flag represents the unity of our many statesMexicans: Our flag stands for hope, unity and blood, and the Aztec people who used to live hereIICanadians:LEEFi*i,geek,meme,flag,Mexico,countries,United States,america,canada
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 Cotl^ctumo^. UNITED STATE S SEX MOVES*//>< DELAWAREALABAMAApologize for being so small and coming first.The AL4SW4Unbuckle your bible belt, and pray your partners into it.rhe ARKANSASPump a ton of crude oil through your 8oo-mile-long pipeline.Raze her back.T/ieVlKUm and MRYLMDCome together and

UNITED STATES * SEX MOVES T/icWASHMCTOX The TEME SSEEDo it in the rain.TheHAWAIIWhistle on their dixie.The FLORIDAT/ieLOl JISTANAgo at it slowly until you die. The DiUNOISPurchase a ridiculously cheap prostitute from a French Pimp.The M0 SOTASee how many times you can shout Hoosier Daddy? without

----------CollujltftlltUM'j=:UNITED STATES SEX MOVES#The KENTUCKYThe WEST VIRGINIAbest to finish first.The MIS SOU RI The IVE W IIAMrSIIIKETell your partner that youll show them yours if they show you theirs.ThcXEWYORKMine your partners quarry so that you can get their rocks off.r/ieMSW JERSEYCram

UNITED STATE S SEX MOVES'#The GEOKGIilThe IDAHOthen cream.//.UlSrOIVSINTap your partners wood until syrup comes out.The VEKMOOTthen churn their butt.TkKMAwith Ben & Jerry.While having sex, spin your partner around violently until they dont think theyre in you anymore.The MICIIIGAXHave a teabagging

 CotltifeUumot'* UNITED STATES SEX MOVEST/iePEMiSTLVAim The RHODE ISLMDPractice a little brotherly love. Keep insisting size doesnt matter. Tk JORTH CAROLINA The SOUTH CAROLINAWait till there's a crescent moon, then Palm his tree.The MISSISSIPPI The SOUTH DAKOTAyou can last for.rock-hard heads.The

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The Stereotype Map Of Every U.S. State — According To British People
NOT THAT \NAaW*'*rUt,.i,\N 1 Wee0-6ED_tAADE Up?9' C.HEfc- &* y- coweo^ / *4* % J ^,4 :> ,0 *^:^ <C<\ /^^A/cvVl^OToF^ORECO^W^X> 3 A/S \^ \ ... Go^. V* Mo%4(ns So COV*0 so\ V w^G> HHERE? ^"|51^rs^.*/c*_Inking Sso^^VV K*V 5 m X - * FAKE,R,Sw***-' 1^/ Privilege s*v ^ .**>*14 >*> %*f*XH> s
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